Small Business Marketing on a Budget

Growing your business requires both time and money but just because your small business doesn’t have the resources for an unlimited marketing budget doesn’t mean you can’t still take full advantage of the online playing field. There’s no time like the present to kickstart your campaign and drive customers directly to your business. Below are some helpful tips that will give you the best return on your digital marketing investment.

Launching a Budget-Friendly Social Media Campaign

Creating business accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are all great ways to increase brand recognition. Creating an Account is not only free but an effective way to reach your target audience by using hashtags, geotags, and following others in your industry. Studies show that there are 231 million social media users in the US alone! Within these bounds are social media paid advertisements. For platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can spend as little as $5-$10 a week and see exponential results. Additionally, your content is likely to have more engagement when you include CTA’s (Call to Actions). Ask your followers to sign up, subscribe, learn more, or leave a review! Whether you are looking to improve organic posts or use your budget on paid advertisements, these are just a few ways in which you can help draw exposure to your business.

Establishing a Blog that is Relevant to Your Client Base

If you haven’t considered starting blog posts on your website, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Blog posts relevant to your audience will keep your current customers interested and drive a volume of new traffic to your site with the right SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Consumers want information that is valuable and accessible to them. An example of a relevant blog post would be a business that specializes in selling desks. Their blogs might consist of “ways to keep your desk organized” or “10 desk essentials that will make your workday more productive”. Whatever your product or service, creating a blog post is an excellent way to market your small business while building value to your brand.

Getting the Most out of an Email Marketing Campaign

Whether you are sending a welcome message to a new customer or want to start a weekly newsletter, there are some things to keep in mind before you send your first email. There are many platforms available that offer free email marketing services like HubSpot, Sender, and Mailchimp. What matters is finding one that will fit the needs of your small business. You can gather emails from your clientele by implementing a sign-up button on your website or simply getting the information in person! Furthermore, make sure your subject line will grab the reader’s attention. If your subject line isn’t relevant to the customer or is just plain boring, they won’t open it. A question to ask yourself is “Will this email provide value to my customer?”. If it does, send away! If not, you might need to work on adding content like a promotion, special offer, or informational post. Whenever you are ready to send your first batch of emails, make sure to refer back to these tips so you can get maximum engagement.

Make a Great First Impression with Business Cards That Stand Out

A business card does so much more than just displaying your contact information. A business card can be your first impression to a potential customer. According to a study, 72% of people form an opinion about a company based on the quality of its business card. Does this mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars on them? Of course not! You can create a meaningful design that will wow your customers while on a budget! Keeping design elements in mind such as the colors you use, spacing and your company logo is important when curating the perfect layout. Your business card provides a personal touch that stands out to every customer who receives one. The Best Part? Your clients can take a few and give them to their friends and family as a referral which will drive customers directly to you! Regardless of how technologically advanced society becomes, a good quality business card will never go out of style.

Boost your Local Search Presence with Google My Business

All businesses should be utilizing Google My Business. It is a free service that helps your business to be found locally. It also has features that allow your customers to leave reviews which is extremely important. The majority of the time, your potential customer’s first interaction with your business is looking at your reviews. By having your business on Google My Business, people in your area can search for a service or product they need, and your business will be shown to them just by being near their location. Another awesome feature that you can take advantage of is allowing your customers to book appointments with you directly through Google and even send you a message. Accessibility is key. Google My Business allows you to post pictures publicly for people to see when they click on your business. This is where you can get creative! If you have before/after pictures, photos of your products, or pictures of your facility, this is the time to add them! Entice your potential clients by showing them how great your company is! Regardless of what feature you are using; Google My Business is a great resource to take full advantage of. There’s no time like today to make the most out of your small business strategy.

Whatever your budget, your business can thrive when utilizing these low-cost marketing strategies. Whether you create social media accounts, start a blog, or design some new business cards, these efforts go a long way for your small business when executed correctly.